atheist liberation

Repression often seems to originate or be sustained by religion’s influence and power. Even after religion has ceased to dominate, many forms of repression that it originated continue to dominate societies now mainly secular, though most are not yet overtly atheist.

Atheism, far from being primarily a tool of marxism/leninism/stalinism/ etc. ism, is more logically and quietly actual toolery for liberation at levels from the individual to the global and maybe further. Without gods to tell us how to think and feel, we can now at least try to discover and live the truth of our own lives.

Along with other activities to sustain what we value, I feel quiet atheist liberation and expressions of such may be worthwhile even if sometimes difficult. I think that sexually explicit expressiveness, including amateur and professional porn, can be performed in this spirit. If sexually explicit expression in adult-only settings for experiencing electively were more commonplace, then we could reserve our sense of offence for harmful abuse, and otherwise people would have no interest in what didn’t interest them.

Many sex workers with or without intent are helping to promote sexual liberation, such as the cam girls who entertain hundreds and thousands in their erotic web spaces with their sexual and general self-expression. This is live erotic performance art. Their rights, all our rights to self expression in appropriately protected contexts should be respected and supported.

A single erotic performance may convey profound feeling, but I don’t think it is usually meant to be of meaningful significance as a single event. These performances are made for people to share in their own erotic moments, not to be analysed or exercised by beyond that context. However, there is incalculable value in the benefits to all that may extend from the full realisation of sexual liberation, and the decline of religious institutions and values that have repressed us all for so long.

Positive sexuality to end the dangers of repression

I was never a 5-star beauty, but I was probably prettier as a young adult than I am in middle age. This is a common, natural human experience. However, strong repressive influences inhibited my confidence. As I have aged and learned more, I have mostly overcome my anxieties and now feel more confident. Those who are both young and confident are indeed lucky, but perhaps they have not been exposed to so much repression. I am sure good sex education can help, so I hope these problems may affect fewer young people now than in previous generations.

Sexual repression may lead to pathological sexual conditions. The repression causes anxiety about normal sexual behaviour and feelings. The individual may then come to unwittingly associate sex with anxiety, and vice versa. Anxiety may become arousing even against his/her will. This can cause a distressing feedback loop, where anxiety and arousal become more frequently and closely associated.

There are rightly strong social taboos and sanctions against the expression of pathological sexual conditions, such as those concerning abuse of children, animals, just sexual abuse in general. If repressive anxiety and arousal are already associated, as explained, then ideas of abuse may start to trigger arousal, which can be quite a panicky experience and difficult to comprehend and process. Until or unless an individual recognises this pattern and learns to understand its origin, it may repeat and the effects may accumulate.

Experiences like this almost ruined and certainly harmed me in my younger years. The most valuable lessons of experience may be among the least easily learned. As I already said, I have mostly liberated myself from my former anxieties, and I continue to do so. I realised these things might be happening to me and that it was important to break the harmful loop at source by freeing myself of repressive thoughts and influences, and by learning about and practising healthy, positive sex. I hope this response can lead to good outcomes for people who go through that kind of upbringing and problem.